Stencils combined with paint can transform outdated tile, wood or concrete floors into stunning new surfaces without incurring the high costs associated with retiling.

Begin with a clean surface. Place the stencil down, securing its edges with painters tape.

Apply the first coat of paint using a roller, covering all of the desired area. Allow to dry.

Custom Rugs

Custom rugs can help bring the colors in your room together, from natural textures such as jute and wool, to silk; you’re sure to find something suitable. Pick a rug that complements existing colors in the space or introduce a whole new palette altogether!

Stencilling patterns on your rug can add an artistic and personal touch that showcases your creativity and personal style. Stencils can even help to craft custom rugs to tell the tale of your family.

Hueology Studio completed their renovation by stenciling directly over their old tile and wood floors using Annie Sloan Moorish Trellis stencil and chalk paint, giving their flooring an entirely refreshed appearance. For best results, ensure the floor is free from dust and debris before beginning painting; tape off fixtures like toilets as you stencil around them carefully for best results; use smaller stencil brushes if necessary to reach hard-to-reach areas or intricate designs.

Welcome Mats

Welcome mats add both decoration and protection for your entryway, trapping dirt and debris before it enters your home. Many homeowners monogram their mats or choose designs that represent their family name – although even plain doormats can still be customized using paint and stenciling techniques for personalized touches.

Analia of Thrift Diving used the Chez Sheik Moroccan Stencil on her linoleum floor to make an incredible, personalized welcome mat using our dense foam roller. She protected surrounding walls, doors, and fixtures with painter’s tape while she applied her paint.

Once her stenciled pattern was dry, she applied three coats of polyurethane water-based clear finish rolled on to give the design its custom pizzazz without spending an arm and leg on new rug! This simple DIY project gives her custom flair without breaking the bank – and much cheaper than purchasing new flooring!

Antique Mirrors

Antique mirrors exude timeless sophistication and bring classic elegance into any decor. Their ornate frames, vintage glass textures and patina tell stories from past eras that cannot be duplicated with contemporary pieces. Antique mirrors also work seamlessly with various furniture styles ranging from contemporary to traditional and rustic designs.

Large antique mirrors can help expand a home office or workspace visually, or they can be placed in a foyer to welcome guests with warmth. When combined with art or photographs they create an eye-catching gallery wall display.

Make old framed mirrors into works of art with stencils and etching cream – this DIY project can be completed in just one day! Before beginning, ensure you have all of the materials needed for safe and thorough work; such as muriatic acid, plastic putty knife, paint stripper, funnel funnel cotton rags ventilation mask protective eyewear as well as antique gold spray paint (for spray painting).

Board Games

Board games are an integral component of childhood development and can help children develop essential skills. Twinkl has designed its series of board games specifically to educate on specific subjects while entertaining children through enjoyable activities.

Prior to stenciling, use painters tape to protect walls, trim, and fixtures from any potential paint spillage. Next, use a foam roller and your base color (or flat-sheen paint if you want to recreate unglazed encaustic tile’s look) on all floor surfaces using a foam roller.

When stenciling over tile floors, it is recommended that two people work together. This will make lining up registration marks easier and reduce smudging during painting process. Once applying second stencil, use small stencil brush to reach all hard-to-reach areas before letting dry and touching up as necessary.

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