Before choosing a paint color, consider the type of lighting in your room. It’s a good idea to take a sample home and examine it under different artificial lights. Make sure to look at the color on the surface it will cover and in other areas of your room, such as on walls. If you can, buy a small sample bottle of paint to try out several shades and see which one looks best.

Ensure the paint is high quality. Cheap paint will not last very long and will need several coats to make the desired effect. In addition, it will have harmful effects on your health and the environment. Spend a little extra money on a better-quality brand of paint. Besides providing you with beautiful, dynamic colors, high-end paints also contain additives that increase durability and resistance to fading.

Warranty: Many paint manufacturers stand behind their products by providing a warranty. A lifetime warranty is not practical for a homeowner, as they tend to paint their homes every 5-7 years. While it might sound like a lot of money, a lifetime warranty is better than no warranty at all. As a rule of thumb, a longer warranty indicates better quality. Therefore, always ask for a warranty before buying paint.

Price: The cost of paint is another important factor. Typically, the price of a brand depends on its reputation and quality. More expensive paints can last longer, but you may be better off with a budget-friendly brand. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all paints are created equally. Each paint brand has its own unique characteristics, which will impact its application and durability. So, it’s important to remember the difference between the cost of a higher-end brand and a cheap one.

Lastly, remember that sunlight can have a large impact on the color of your exterior. While a color may look good in direct sunlight, it can look different under cloudy conditions. Another factor to consider when choosing an exterior paint color is the orientation of your home. If your home faces south, it will receive less direct sunlight and appear warmer than a home with a north-facing front. So, it’s important to consider all of these factors before buying paint.

A basic rule of thumb for choosing paint is to multiply the number of walls by their height and width. Then multiply that number by 350 to determine the quantity of paint required. It is important to note that one gallon of paint will cover roughly 350 square feet of a room. Therefore, it is recommended to buy more paint than you’ll actually use. If you need to touch up the paint, you’ll want to buy more, too.

Quality paints also last longer, allowing you to save money over multiple gallons of lower-quality paints. You’ll be glad you did. It’s easy to make mistakes, but with a little knowledge, you’ll end up with a beautiful wall that you can be proud of. Take your time and follow these tips. You’ll be on your way to a beautiful, stress-free home.

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