No matter if you are an avid reader or simply need somewhere peaceful to rest your eyes and relax, creating a reading nook is an ideal way to unwind and rejuvenate.

When designing your reading nook, there are a few essential considerations you must keep in mind to create the perfect atmosphere and cozy experience. Follow these guidelines and you’re guaranteed an inviting place for you and your favorite book to spend some quality reading time together.

1. Find the Right Space

An inviting reading nook provides the ideal place for you to curl up with your book, so here are a few steps you can take to create one in your own home.

Start by finding the appropriate space in your home – this could be any corner or spare room that would work perfectly as a reading nook.

Consider lighting when designing your nook. If possible, utilize natural light from windows; otherwise add an indirect lamp that casts its glow directly onto the chair.

2. Make It Portable

Reading nooks provide the ideal place for unwinding and escape. Yours doesn’t need to be large – just comfortable and cozy!

A nook is an ideal addition to any bedroom, living area, home office or any unused corner in your home.

An area can help to personalize your nook, whether that means finding the ideal bench for the space or creating one with custom shelving units.

3. Create a Sense of Separation

With just a little DIY effort and cozy materials, you can transform a space where you can unwind while reading your favorite books.

To make the nook feel like its own separate space, choose soft furnishings and decor items that absorb sound – this will help your reading area remain quiet during long sessions of reading.

4. Add Sweet Aromas

Add a delightful scent to your reading nook with candles or houseplants such as geraniums, jasmine, lavender, or gardenias for added ambiance in your reading nook. These delightful indoor plants can help add fragrance and decor to any home!

Scent-emitting candles can transform any nook into an immersive library experience, conjuring memories of paper books. Assouline’s Paper Library Candle evokes this classic scent with ease.

5. Add Soft Materials

Soft textiles such as plush throw blankets, pillows, and ottomans in your reading nook can help create comfort, helping your child to relax when reading. This will allow them to focus more on reading in peace.

An inviting reading nook should include soft seating as well as small tables to place books, cups of tea and lamps for illumination. If your reading space is located near a window, aim to find tables that offer natural sunlight as natural lighting will further add coziness.

6. Add Books

Unwind and get lost in another time as you relax into a cozy reading nook with your latest book and cup of coffee – creating your own utopia!

Just add chair, table and lamp essentials and create your very own reading nook in any part of your home!

Your reading nook can become the place where your favorite books can always be found if you add books into it. Use a bookcase, shelf or side table to store them all away!

7. Add Seating

Nothing beats the feeling of relaxation that comes from reading in a cozy corner of your own home – from window seats to daybeds – creating your very own reading nook is easier than ever! You can create reading spaces even in unexpected places around your house!

Establishing your reading nook requires adding seating. Choose an inviting chair, ottoman or even daybed adorned with fluffy blankets to make sure that it feels welcoming!

8. Add Accessories

One easy way to create a cozy reading nook is by adding decor accents such as vases, succulents or candles that speak to you.

As well as adding accessories, consider framing artwork from your children or favorite pictures to bring life and color into the space.

Reading Nooks should feel like part of your home; make sure lighting, seating and display areas meet your requirements to make this space truly yours!

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