Stucco as A Fire-Resistant: Is There Truth or Just a Myth? (A Quick Overview)

ByEthan Steve

Oct 26, 2022

There’s no place like home, and when protecting your property from the potentially fatal consequences of a fire, you want to ensure you’re doing everything possible. And if the worst case arises, you’d want to keep at least some of your properties safe. Now, stucco has gained some recognition as being a fire-resistant siding. But is this true or just a myth? Let’s take a quick overview of stucco as it has fire-resistant capabilities.

Stucco Components and Its Process <h2>

Stucco is a substance made up of Portland cement, sand, limestone, water, and additives. Because none of these materials are flammable or combustible, these components are fire-resistant. That’s why stucco siding is fire-resistant as well.

Stucco application contributes to the delay of fire spread due to the stucco mix application of three layers. The scratch coat adheres to the surface and is the first layer. The brown coat, which gives the stucco its thickness, is the second layer. The color coat or finish coat completes the task. This layering method adds protection by providing an additional insulating layer in case of fire.

Stucco has been applied over other fire-resistant materials such as stone and brick to provide additional protection. These will act as an extra line of defense if your home is on fire.

Fire Rating of Stucco <h2>

All professional stucco contractors apply a three-layered system to your home or building exterior, measuring 1 inch in thickness. Another layer application is extra protection for areas prone to wildfire. On average, stucco siding has a fire rating of 1 hour. It means that if the exterior of your home is in flames, it will take approximately one hour for the fire to burn through the layers of stucco and damage the interior of your house. It would give ample time for your family and other residents within your home to escape should a fire begin. Moreover, firefighters will have time to put out the fire and prevent further damage.

The recently released Stucco Manufacturers Association technical bulletin noted that the homes still standing after the recent fires in the West were made of stucco with slate and stone detailing. These features acted as a linebreak, causing less damage to homes behind them.

Is it Truth or a Myth? <h2>

With the substance, its application, and fire rating, it is safe to say that the stucco siding, as fire resistant, is a truth, not a myth. Stucco has been trusted for many years to protect buildings from the catastrophic effects of fire. Although stucco does a great job protecting your home from external fires, it’s important to remember that most house fires start from within the house. Unfortunately, stucco can’t do anything to prevent those kinds of fires.

Home is where the heart is. You want to protect your family, home, and belongings as much as possible from any potential danger – including fire. Considering stucco is not bad, as it provides an extra layer of protection for your home that can buy you some time to escape should a fire ever break out. Whether you’re seeking stucco removal Orlando to change the appearance of your house or install stucco siding, keep in mind that its fire-resistant properties can assist ensure the safety of your home.

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