Window treatments can add the finishing touches to any room, adding both an aesthetic and dramatic impact. Discover the perfect window treatment ideas for your space and design style, such as light control and privacy options.

Sheer curtains can provide the ideal solution if you want to diffuse light while maintaining privacy at night without full blackout, without disrupting living spaces and bedrooms. Sheers work particularly well in living rooms.


Valances add an elegant finishing touch to any window treatment design, adding softness with fabric that sits atop of each window. They may complement or contrast with existing draperies and curtains for a layered effect but they can also act as standalone window frames.

These flexible window treatments can add style and movement to any room – be it casual and pretty with soft gathers or elegant and formal with crisp pleats. Furthermore, they may feature fringe or tassel trims to add texture and movement; perfect for family rooms or entryways alike.

Youngblood suggests valances as a perfect solution for people looking to add decorative accents without cluttering up their windows with heavy drapery. Valances also offer great solutions for solving layout issues such as covering an awkwardly-angled wall or breaking up large living spaces into smaller seating areas.


Add draperies in Kingsport to your windows and nooks to give them a soft feminine finish while drawing attention to certain design features you wish to highlight – for instance a beautifully arched window casing may benefit from having cascading fabric panels cascade from within it.

Drapeies differ from curtain panels in that they tend to be heavier and more substantial; drapes can also be lined with light or heavy fabric for additional privacy and temperature regulation. Drapery hardware exists that makes hanging draperies simple as well as controlling them manually, batton style or electronically (via motorization).

Layering draperies is an increasingly popular window dressing strategy, often consisting of mixing up different styles and types. A combination of valance, panel pair, and hold-backs can create an elegant aesthetic in any space; it works especially well in open concept spaces as it draws the eye upwards while adding balance to the room as a whole.


One of the best modern window treatment ideas is layering drapes. Doing this instantly elevates any store-bought curtain and can even give the appearance that it was custom designed. Simply choose sumptuous fabric with intricate patterns and combine them with minimalist blinds in bold hues for dramatic impact.

Think outside the box when it comes to unique drapery ideas – for instance combining different fabrics together or jabot corners for added elegance. Or opt for a double rod system where an outer tier in thicker fabric hangs above sheer fabric beneath — giving you options for diffusing light during the day while maintaining privacy in the evening.

Window treatments can add the finishing touches to any room when used creatively, from framing views to concealing architectural flaws or creating the illusion of taller ceilings, these design elements are invaluable in elevating any space.


Window treatments not only serve a practical function – limiting privacy and sunlight penetration – they’re also the perfect opportunity to add color, texture and personality to a space. There’s sure to be something suitable for every decorator and interior style choice when it comes to choosing window coverings for their rooms.

If you prefer not to add draperies to your window, consider creating a shoji screen using thin wooden frames and rice paper. Not only are they visually appealing, they provide privacy while still filtering light effectively.

Add finials for an elegant touch by layering sheer or lace curtains as seen here by Katie Davis Design. Finials, made of either metal or wood, can easily be customized and add decorative flair. Plus, when combined together they look especially great!

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