When looking for a sustainable home design firm, there are several factors to consider. In addition to aesthetics, you should also consider the type of work they do. While some of these firms focus on reusing and recycling materials, others focus on eco-friendly designs. Some firms are dedicated to both types of design. In fact, some of the most sustainable homes are those designed by a company that focuses on sustainable construction. Listed below are some companies that specialize in this type of work.

LivingHomes: One of the most notable sustainable home design firms in the country, LivingHomes designs versatile ADUs for a wide range of situations. They can be built in the backyard of an existing house or can be built as the main structure on a vacant lot. The firm has designed the AD1 with versatility in mind, so that it can fit in with its surroundings. The AD1 costs around $99,000, which includes all finishes, fixtures, and appliances.

GranKriegel Architects + Planners: Another firm that specializes in sustainable and affordable housing, GranKriegel Architects has extensive experience in sustainable and energy-efficient design. They adhere to guidelines set forth by the Enterprise Green Communities, which promote energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly housing solutions. The firm’s LEED-accredited staff includes many architects with decades of experience in environmentally-friendly design. These sustainable practices are an excellent choice for the environment and for your budget.

Perkins Eastman: A global architectural firm founded in 1981, Perkins Eastman employs over 1,000 people worldwide. Their award-winning projects are based on a vision of a sustainable future. Their designs incorporate innovative energy-efficient technology and materials that are designed to minimize energy consumption. These architects have won numerous awards and recognition for their work, including the AIA Housing Award and USGBC Los Angeles Sustainable Innovation Award. So, it’s best to hire a sustainable home design firm that focuses on sustainability in its projects.

In addition to using energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly materials, these firms are also dedicated to eco-friendly practices. In addition to commercial, residential and institutional projects, many of the firm’s projects incorporate green building initiatives. These firms also provide clients with environmentally-friendly interiors. A number of the firms have an extensive list of clients and a reputation for delivering exceptional designs. You can contact them directly to learn more about their services and experience.

The two partners behind Rice Architecture, a firm that focuses on sustainable design, are LEED-accredited professionals. They have designed residential projects for many famous people including actors from Arrested Development, Lego Batman, and Flaked. The team has been recognized with national and international design awards, including the IDEA award, which is the highest honor for an architecture firm. The firm’s work is also widely published and has been featured on a variety of blogs.

The AIA 2030 Commitment, an annual reporting structure, allows design firms to track their progress towards the firm’s 2020 Challenge targets. This commitment measures not only the performance of its exemplar projects but also the firm’s entire portfolio. By tracking everything from design through construction to construction, the AIA 2030 Commitment is an excellent choice. It will be important to hire an architect who practices sustainable practices. There are many factors to consider when choosing a sustainable home design firm.

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