Storage solutions can make the most of any custom spaces – be they closets, pantries, home offices or garages. A few stylish solutions can de-clutter rooms while expanding usable space.

Storage solutions have long become more complicated. Hitachi Vantara takes an alternative approach with agile storage designed to anticipate change instead of always playing catch up.


Before closets were integrated into home layouts, armoires (or wardrobes) were an indispensable piece of household furniture. Similar in size and design to closets, these freestanding cabinets offered various organizational features including hanging spaces, drawers, and shelving.

These solutions offer homeowners who require organized clothing storage but have limited space the perfect solution for clothing that’s too formal or large for traditional dressers. In particular, garment bags offer an easy solution.

With their spacious interiors and large doors, armoires make ideal entertainment centers. Thanks to their generous dimensions and ability to close easily, TV’s, audio equipment and other tech devices can easily be concealed from view within its spacious confines. Armoires’ mix of shelves and drawers makes them great for storing books, blankets and family photos in an attractive way while providing additional storage for memorabilia such as family photos or other special keepsakes.

Wooden Trunks

Storage trunks provide ample space and can serve as an effective alternative to closets and cabinets, providing extra storage while simultaneously adding style and sophistication. There is something special about having trunks as storage solutions in every room of your house! You’re sure to find one suitable to your design aesthetics and personal taste – even more so with such an extensive variety of designs and materials to choose from.

For instance, consider the HOOBRO storage chest featuring its rustic wooden finish and convenient handles to make carrying even when fully-loaded easier. Plus, its hinged lid makes this storage trunk safer for children.

For something a bit fancier, opt for a traditional trunk with intricate carvings and metal accents, known as a camel trunk, barrel trunk or humpback trunk. Some come equipped with removable lids perfect for shoes while others feature locks or clasps to secure your belongings and help keep dust out as well.

Shelved Racks

Shelving units provide an easy way to add additional storage space in any room. Their flexibility means you can find shelves to meet all of your storage needs; from wall shelves and floating shelves, to cubbies and shelf dividers.

Storage racks (commonly referred to as “racking”) are systems of storage which feature upright frames and beams connected by decking or platforms for holding items. Such an arrangement can be found in warehouses and commercial spaces that store heavy equipment and supplies.

Shelving and racking systems make it easy to store items off the floor while providing quick access to what you’re searching for. Coat racks, hall trees, benches, storage closets, trunks, trunk storage solutions for blankets or bulky clothing, accent cabinets for serving pieces or board games as well as accent cabinets offer spaces where coats or boots may be stored are great solutions for keeping an entryway tidy, while boots tuck-away closets provide storage closets where boots or coats may be stashed safely away. These solutions also work great when used in an office or garage environment!

Rolling Carts

Be it for kitchen supplies or the bathroom, freestanding carts provide multiple ways to organize items outside closets and cabinets.

Many carts come equipped with adjustable shelves to accommodate various item sizes. When selecting your cart, be sure that its distance between shelves and weight capacity meet your specific requirements.

These handy little carts are an essential tool for crafters looking to organize supplies, as they double up as laundry baskets to store soap, detergent, and other household essentials. Plus, with pegboards added onto rolling carts you can hang larger items such as hot glue guns or hair straighteners that may not fit inside drawers!

Fold-top upholstered storage benches such as this flip-top model help conceal clutter while keeping essential items within easy reach. Plus, you can mount shelves on walls in alcoves for books and movies!

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