Finding creative storage solutions for small spaces is the key to keeping your home organized. Place seasonal decorations away, hide tools and gardening supplies, or store all materials with wall-mounted lockers so they are out of sight.

Turn staircases into handy storage nooks by equipping them with bracket shelves that can be closed or opened as necessary, and adding an ottoman with lift-up lid for additional living room cushions or children’s toys.


Even small kitchens offer plenty of storage potential. From using an ottoman as a desk to installing wall file holders on cabinet doors, clever ideas take full advantage of what might otherwise be wasted space. Smart organizers like those designed specifically to store plastic lids from bases help cooks keep supplies close at hand.

Open shelving can make an excellent addition to many kitchens, yet when coupled with large amounts of cabinetry it can feel too empty and dull. To add an eye-catching element, try including some glass-fronted shelves to display decorative bowls or water pitchers from time to time.

Blank walls may seem unappetizing as potential sources of storage space, but they offer many possibilities. By installing peg rails on these blank walls, homeowners can utilize baskets, cubbies, hooks and hooks as hanging space – helping reduce counter and table clutter! – as well as store items under their sink while easily reaching sponges and scrubbers when necessary.


Bedroom clutter control should always be at the top of your agenda. A thorough declutter is key to creating a relaxing and effective sleeping space, so start by sorting through everything to determine what items are truly used and which are simply taking up space. Once this process has taken place, plan a more effective storage strategy and create more personal storage solutions in your personal space.

If your drawer isn’t being used to house alarm clocks, use it instead as a place for trinkets or decor items – this makes an eye-catching alternative to standard nightstands!

furniture with dual-purpose functionality is an effective solution for creative storage solutions. From ottomans with hidden flip-top storage for blankets or coffee tables with hidden drawers that store extra linens or coasters.

Install shelves high for maximum efficiency by taking full advantage of ceiling and floor space, particularly in tight bedrooms where closets may be limited in size. Simple wooden cubbies make an excellent solution for storing and displaying small belongings like teen clothes, sewing supplies or art; labeled bins slide easily in and out of shelving units to help organize everything efficiently.


No matter the size or style of your bathroom, there are creative storage solutions that will help make it appear larger and more organized. From basic to decorative hacks, there’s sure to be something just right!

Shelving that fits over the toilet is a fantastic way to utilize empty space without drilling into walls. These narrow shelves are great for holding towels, linen or toiletries while their visible dividers (such as Godmorgon ones from PS10 Ikea) help organize bits of makeup, skincare or cotton buds neatly and out of sight.

If your bathroom requires plenty of items for storage, consider investing in some repurposed ladder shelves to give yourself more storage space – everything from linen and hand towels to extra toiletries and reed diffusers can all find a home on these versatile shelves. Or consider investing in something like IKEA’s Fintorp rail-based shelving system which can be tailored specifically to suit both space and style preferences.

Living Room

The living room (formerly known as the parlour or drawing room) provides a welcoming gathering space for families to get together and unwind, in some homes it also doubles up as dining area and home office space. To keep it organized and beautiful, having smart storage solutions on hand is key.

Unify the decor of your space while keeping items out of sight with decorative storage pieces that blend in seamlessly. For instance, this Scandinavian-inspired table features a bottom shelf to store coasters and other small items until needed.

Sticking with the theme of merging function and style, try mounting cube or rectangular shelving units on the wall as an extra surface area for storage without taking up valuable floor space. Incorporating these shelves as focal points adds visual interest while adding storage capacity without taking up floor space. For an enclosed solution tailored specifically for an alcove or corner in your living room bespoke built-ins offer ample storage capacity that can easily fit an alcove or corner space in your room.

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