Make an impressionful entrance by creating a breathtaking and functional entryway. Add an attractive table for keys and mail, or an umbrella stand to keep raincoats and leashes off of the floor.

An area rug can help define a space and add warmth underfoot, while a bold stair runner adds color and pattern to two-story entries.


As guests enter your home for the first time, their first impression should be pleasant and welcoming. A few simple accents can add character and create an environment of comfort and hospitality.

Artwork is an ideal way to add personality and elegance to a room’s decor, inviting visitors in with its personal yet timeless appeal. Display an original piece that matches your own tastes or extends the interior design, so they feel connected to your home while setting an enjoyable tone for their visit.

Flowers and plants can add an instantaneous sense of tranquility to any entryway, instantly relaxing you and your guests alike. Plus, their scent can keep the house smelling lovely too! If space constraints prevent the use of real plants, consider faux versions instead for less maintenance needs.


Your entryway should make a great first impression and should provide guests with a warm greeting. From grand and welcoming to cozy and efficient, your home’s entryway can be personalized by decorating, storage and seating solutions.

Wall art is one of the most beloved entryway decorating ideas. Nothing says welcome quite as warmly than seeing memories from your family’s best moments displayed beautifully within frames.

Plants can make any entryway more inviting. Not only do they bring nature’s soothing fragrance and brighten up an area, but their lush green leaves add another dimension. Boston ivy, pothos, anemones and begonias are easy-care indoor plants; for something with more dramatic flair try butterfly palms – ideal for interior spaces with limited sunlight but still needing beautiful decor – which need indirect light and water once every week for best results.


Scent can have a significant effect on how we perceive a home. Candles, plug-in scents or reed diffusers are great tools for creating the ideal atmosphere in any space; using these items together you can make sure your guests arrive feeling welcomed into your space with warmth and comfort; woody scents create warmth while floral or citrus aromas promote relaxation, happiness or evoke memories while citrus smells can stimulate alertness in our minds.

For smaller entryways, our Bright and Happy or Greek Island scent blends can help minimize a confined feeling in small spaces while lifting spirits. Or try Cedarwood Atlas or Juniperberry scents for an airy, bright atmosphere in your room.

An appealing entryway sets the scene for your entire home and expresses your personal style. Be sure to include a designated spot for keys, umbrellas and purses as well as seating arrangements where guests can remove their shoes.


Storage is key to creating an inviting entryway. A designated drop zone for mail, hats, bags, and keys is key to keeping a tidy look in the space; simple leather trays on console tables or wall-mounted hooks may suffice, or for full renovation projects consider installing cabinets as these maximize space while remaining neat in appearance.

Houseplants or flowers are also great ways to add life and warmth to any entryway, both visually and aroma-wise. Their natural beauty brings life and welcomeness into the space.

An attractive entryway will help your home maintain a cohesive design theme while making life easier for both family members and guests. By following these easy tips, you can design an inviting entryway that’s beautiful as well as functional – without breaking the bank!

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