When remodelling your kitchen, arranging cabinetry is an essential part of the process. Getting the detail of measurements correct and having your plans thought through before the workmen arrive are details that can make the difference between getting it right from the beginning, and spending more money out to rectify some expensive mistakes!

Mixing materials and textures, such as metal, wood, stone and glass is a popular design trend in kitchen cabinetry. One example is pairing modern flat front cabinets with rough-hewn exposed shelving.

Modular Cabinet Designs

Yet cabinets are more than merely a functional part of the kitchen: they are a beautiful environment for creativity, connection and upgrading everyday living. Crafted in a myriad of beautiful styles, with ingenious new solutions and natural materials to choose from, your kitchen will gain new levels – quite literally – doing what it does best, when you choose quality cabinets.

Style Modular Cabinets

Modular cabinets are becoming amoonal occurring choice nowadays among hosts. Due to its adaptability and ease of installment, modular cabinets come in a diversified style, colour palette and finish. Combines beauty and functionality for an ultimate custom kitchen look.

Minimalism still dominates kitchen design, with most modern modular cabinet designs demonstrating this with textural finishes and materials that offer visual balance and functionality to users.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable cabinets build a home green. Increasingly, green initiatives permeate our homes and thus homeowners are seeking out to new sustainable trends. For example, Hempboard offers an eco-friendly alternative that surpasses industry strength standards.

A second ecological decoration option is reclaimed wood cabinets. They look individual and historical. The wooden texture is different (with knots etc) every time.

You can significantly lighten your energy footprint by using certified eco-friendly cabinet materials. Products bearing both the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo or the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) Underwriters Laboratory label are made from materials that do not contain added formaldehyde or VOCs, which off-gas into your home and improve the indoor air quality. Other ecologically friendly choices with strong, hardwearing solutions and multiple aesthetic finishes available are Sorghum board, paper composite and hempboard, all using renewable resources that use less water and energy to manufacture.

Graphite Cabinets

Cabinets are a key element of kitchen design and serve as the backbone for storage and decoration. Available in a variety of materials including wood, laminate and even metal, along with different finishes and hardware options, homeowners can customise their products to their personal requirements and taste.

A monolithic slab of dark wood adds rustic appeal that goes well with natural stone countertops, while light wooden cabinets painted in a pale, bluish-green add California cool.

Novel solutions are being developed for cabinetry to achieve a more seamless, cleaner cooking experience. By eliminating exposed hardware on drawers and cabinets, touchless opening mechanisms simplify opening needs, eliminating the need to touch hardware on drawers, fridges or cabinets. In doing so, this also results in opening drawers more cleanly and conveniently. Other smart amenities such as integrated lighting systems that shine light onto the contents of drawers, or divided frosted glass-front cabinets that serve as lighting to illuminate task areas can both enhance functionality while further beautifying the kitchen.

Shaker Cabinets

Plenty of people fortunate enough to afford a custom-built house would prefer to have Shaker cabinet doors, which combine minimalism with functional utility: clean lines and a recessed centre panel, just begging to be filled with granite or glossy paint (or neither). Shaker design, thanks to its restraint, is malleable, adapting easily to both traditional and modern aesthetics, and capable of playing well with different hardware or colour schemes.

But the more intricate styling of shaker doors, with their squared corners, robust and characterful when recessed, lend themselves to being used as a foil to materials that have different visual effects – an increasingly fashionable look in kitchens where metals, glass and wood are deliberately combined for a clash of visual motifs.

Similarly, many designers create their cabinet designs using software, such as SketchList 3D, which allows them to create basic modular units (stacks of boxes) that can then be copied and scaled to get the best layout, saving time, effort and avoiding mistakes, all while allowing the highest possible level of precision. Take a free trial of SketchList 3D and see how it can help you to create effective kitcken cabinet designs!

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