Kitchens have always been at the heart of domestic life and continue to showcase style and functionality in exciting ways. New materials, technologies and earthy aesthetics are revolutionizing what was once an ordinary space into something worth spending time in 2024.

NKBA reports that large banks of windows, glass doors and window walls are trending among kitchen design ideas to bring the outdoors in. Organic shapes, colors and textures are also becoming more and more sought-after in kitchen ideas.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism is becoming an increasingly popular kitchen trend as homeowners look for an uncluttered aesthetic. This trend combines elements such as white cabinets with wood countertops and natural stone backsplashes for an inviting modern space.

Homeowners are also taking notice of black as an eye-catching kitchen trend, says Casey. Black adds depth and luxuriousness while being easily integrated with other design trends for seamless kitchen design.

Mixed metals is another hot kitchen trend, particularly for hardware and lighting fixtures. Just as with jewelry, mixing metals adds depth and allows you to express yourself without being limited by matching tones. Brass and polished nickel are popular choices in kitchens for this look; as is vintage-style hardware with traditional shapes juxtaposed against contemporary ones.

2. Texture

As part of their goal to bring a more relaxed vibe into their kitchens, homeowners are opting for textures with visual interest, such as backsplashes with bold designs inviting touch. 2024 may see homeowners take full advantage of this trend!

Cabinets now tend to feature medium wood tones rather than the stark and ultra-light ones seen previously, such as white. Shades like sage green, olive and muted forest green have proven especially appealing among homeowners.

Homeowners are adding an air of luxurious to their kitchens with metallic accents and finishes such as brass hardware or gold pendant lights. These eye-catching features add warmth and character to the space.

3. Natural Light

Kitchens are one of the busiest spaces in a home, making natural lighting one of the best ways to upgrade a space. New windows or skylights that allow natural light in can illuminate every corner and warm up a room while adding dimension and warmth.

Natural tones and organic elements remain trending in kitchen design for 2024, with green becoming one of the trendiest hues. From subtle sage hues to vibrant emerald tones, green adds an organic feel that complements any style in any kitchen design.

Backsplashes that feature textural elements add visual interest and depth to the kitchen. From tiles with textural patterns to embossed materials, homeowners are opting for backsplashes that invite touch while adding depth – these surfaces also help promote natural lighting in the space!

4. Eco-Friendly Materials

An eco-friendly kitchen renovation can add a stylish element to any design while reducing virgin material use. Reclaimed wood, bamboo flooring and recycled glass backsplashes can all bring out the beauty in your design while helping reduce carbon emissions.

One way to go green in your kitchen is to install larger windows and skylights, as this can reduce artificial lighting needs while improving mood and productivity. Also consider an energy-efficient boiling water tap in order to save on some of the PS68 million UK waste on electric kettles annually.

Consider installing soft push-to-open cabinetry instead of traditional knobs and handles to be more environmentally conscious in your kitchen, which will be more quiet. Also avoid products containing formaldehyde in order to reduce harmful emissions.

5. Custom Storage

Kitchens are key gathering spaces in homes and should reflect your design aesthetic. Open-concept kitchens remain popular and will likely gain ground in 2024, as they promote connection and flow within homes.

All-white kitchens are losing ground in favor of warmer wood tones, with green (from soothing sage to bright emerald) expected to lead the pack when it comes to cabinet color trends in 2024.

Lighting with gold or metallic accents adds a sophisticated feel to a kitchen, making this trend one of the key trends of 2024. Mixing metals has also become more prevalent due to fashion-forward styles celebrating individuality and contrast, making this easy to incorporate with pendant lights or hardware accents.

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