DIYers with construction experience may find that modular outdoor kitchens cost significantly less than custom options.

Addition of sink or refrigerator will increase the overall cost of your project, as will installing plumbing lines and other utilities. Additional expenses to consider may include furniture or upgrades like fire pit or fireplace.


Outdoor kitchens are at the core of backyard entertainment oasis. Their high-end design impresses guests, neighbors and potential home buyers – showing that the owners cared about making the property as liveable as possible.

An outdoor kitchen not only reduces clutter in the house, but it can save on energy costs during warm weather months as well. Plus, grilling enhances flavor while being healthier cooking method; adding sink, ice maker and mobile bar cart complete the space’s functionality.


Countertops are an integral component of an outdoor kitchen, as they allow you to access supplies without running back and forth to your indoor home for supplies. The ideal countertops for outdoor kitchens should be resistant to extreme temperatures, stains, and water.

Granite, slate, and glazed ceramic tile countertops are popular choices for outdoor kitchen countertops. Quartzite is another natural stone material that resists staining well; however, periodic resealing may be required. If you prefer something modern aesthetic-wise then porcelain countertops could also make an excellent option; durable yet hygienic.


Installing cabinets into an outdoor kitchen provides essentials such as utensils, pots, pans and flatware with somewhere safe to be kept. Cabinets may be made of wood, stucco brick or manufactured stone.

Opting for resilient materials will ensure your outdoor kitchen withstands the elements. Stainless steel is an attractive, cost-effective choice that stands up well to corrosion.

Custom outdoor kitchens can be costly in terms of labor expenses and installation/extension of utilities. If you want to save money, RTA island kits may be an attractive solution.


An outdoor kitchen allows the host and his/her guests to access food and drinks without carrying it back and forth from indoors, providing an elegant dining experience in their own backyard. Bar-height stools provide comfortable dining at table.

Add a bartending station complete with sink, garnish area and glassware storage to enhance outdoor cooking. Kegerators, wine coolers and ice makers enhance any kitchen’s wow factor; cabinets can provide storage of nonperishable ingredients, utensils and linens.


Lighting options help make an outdoor kitchen an inviting gathering spot well into the evening hours. Lighting that complements both its style and that of surrounding landscaping features will create a seamless aesthetic.

Ceiling fans with lights are an elegant yet practical solution for lighting an outdoor kitchen. Not only can they brighten the area, they can create breezes that help disperse smelly smoke while deterring mosquitoes and flies from bothersome bites.

Wall sconces can provide another effective means of lighting an outdoor kitchen and can help balance out the illumination from overhead fixtures. Furthermore, they’re great at lighting stairs and walkway areas which may become trip hazards at night.


An outdoor kitchen equipped with a sink offers you the ability to quickly wash hands, produce or dishes without returning indoors for cleaning – adding one can provide even greater entertainment convenience! Furthermore, adding a dishwasher offers even greater ease when entertaining guests outdoors.

Our recommended stainless steel sink offers sleek style, corrosion protection, and is long-term reliable against weather elements. Professional plumbers can also winterproof your plumbing to provide extra safeguarding against freezing temperatures.


An outdoor kitchen requires utilities such as hot and cold water lines for sinking purposes as well as gas piping – these costs often go unaccounted for, yet can quickly add up.

Cooking outside can eliminate smoke that lingers inside, which in turn triggers your air conditioner to work harder and bring down utility costs. Plus, having everything together saves time by eliminating trips in and out of the house; having an ice maker or wine cooler on hand also cuts down on trips to stores!


Outdoor kitchens make dining and entertaining outside all year long more accessible, without needing to transport food into and out of the house. They are also an effective way to add resell value to your home.

An outdoor kitchen that is well maintained can add great charm and value to any home. Keep it spotless by using caustic cleaners sparingly, covering appliances when not in use to prevent rainwater damage and UV light deterioration and regularly raking grass clippings and leaves off countertops, then spraying surfaces as necessary with water hoses.

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